Saturday, March 24, 2012

It's Getting Warm, Time To Go Out!

So it's starting to get warm which means, you guessed it, the start of the season. Time to get out there and start practicing. Now if you live in Wilmington, NC like me, you have a few choices. The first would be to get on your (or someone else's boat) and hop in a body of water; whether that is the intercoastal water way or cape fear river. Your other option is to go somewhere else, such as the East Coast Wake Park up near East Carolina University and do some boarding there.

Myself, I'm picking the East Coast Wake Park and for a couple reasons. Let me make a list:

  1. The water is flat, non-choppy, and safe.
If you've ever been in the intercoastal waterway, then you know how rough the water can get, which makes wakeboarding a lot harder and not as fun as it should be. And if you've ever been in the cape fear river, then you know the water is murky, a little gross, and has aligators in it... aligators that would love to bite a human. That scares me a little, as I don't want have to worry about am I going to get attacked by an alligator the next time I fall on a trick.

2. No need for a boat

Luckily, everyone is pulled by a cable at the ECWP, so there is no need to have or try to find someone with a boat. This can become difficult here in Wilmington as I personally do not have a boat, and sometimes when you really want to go out riding, other people are busy.

3. The new cable system

The East Coast Wake Park has a new cable system that is suppose to be AWESOME. It's called the Sesitec System 2.0 and pretty much is just a continuous loop cable that pulls you around the park. So if you don't fall, you get to keep riding as long as you like, which is pretty awesome.

Here's a picture of the ECWP:

Pretty sweet huh? Yea, I know.