Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What Tricks To Do This Year

The winter has been so cold and I'm freezing and I don't know what to do... not! Summer is coming upon us faster than usual which means wakeboarding should be here before we know it. You can blame it on global warming, or the earth's rotation, or kangaroos... it's warm. That means boats will be back in the water and tops will be coming off before we know it. New wakeboard and wakeskate tricks will be upon us so we need to start thinking... what am I going to land this year?

So far my biggest trick is the 360 shuv-it. I've come very close to a kickflip (landed on the board perfectly after I flipped it but then slipped off). So I plan on going for two tricks this year:

1. A 360 body rotation wake to wake
2. Get ready... get ready... a kickflip

Both of these tricks I really think are possible for me as I've come close to them before, I just need to get the technical aspects of the trick down, such as where to put the handle when I spin, and at what time to kick the board when going for the kickflip. Besides that I really think I got it down this year. Who knows, I may be even doing more!

So what tricks will you be going for this year? Leave a reply below and let me know what tricks you will be going for on your wakeboard, wakeskate, or even on your kneeboard... if you're that guy.